It always makes me so happy to see retro glamour making an appearance on the runways.

Trending at the 2012 Spring Couture shows in Paris last week were some stunning full skirts.

The classic full skirts were heavily featured in collections from both Christian Dior and Elie Saab.

I love this return to the elegance and femininity of the 1950s.

Loving it, thank you, more please!

Elie Saab Spring Couture 2012

Christian Dior Spring Couture 2012


In Australia we  may not be lucky enough to find Jason Wu or Missoni creations in Target but come February we will have something far more exciting.

Burlesque star, style icon and lingerie queen, Dita Von Teese has created a line of ‘Von Follies’ lingerie that Australian women will have the chance to snap up next month.

As the epitome of retro glamour and sex appeal who better to create a line of lingerie than Von Teese.

The collection features lust-worthy vintage inspired garter belts, high waisted briefs, an overwire bra and a little bit of leopard print.

There has never been a better time to be in Vegas.

Even though there is never a shortage of things to do in the sin city, right now the hottest place to be is the Chanel Numéros Privés exhibit at Wynn Las Vegas.

Celebrities flew in private jets from around the states to attend the invitation only eight-day instalment.

Women’s Wear daily described it as “tastefully over the top” with the most popular of the 10 rooms filled with old school carnival claw games.

Excited guests attempted to grab a Chanel gift bag with the mechanical arm.

Guests walked through a recreation of Coco’s apartment at 32 Rue Cambon as well as a doll room containing plush bears and dolls dressed in Chanel.

There were some divine looks to come out of this years Golden Globes with Julianne Moore, Zooey Deschanel and Emma Stone to name just a few but by far my look to grace the red carpet was headbands.

As a long-time advocate of headbands I am happy to see the look adopted by Hollywood’s finest on one of the biggest fashion stages: the red carpet.

Michelle Williams and Charlize Theron both sported beautiful and uniquely different headbands showing that the headband trend is a diverse one.

Theron opted for a beaded number that perfectly complemented her flesh toned Dior Couture gown perfectly and added a little bit of sparkle to her side swept updo.

Williams on the other hand wore a Vintage Fred Leighton jewelled headband that perfectly suited her pixie cropped hair and Jason Wu gown.

I’m unashamedly addicted to fashion and all things beautiful but sometimes it feels like a bit of guilty obsession.

So many would accuse me of spending too much time focusing on such a hollow and vain pursuit.

Of course there is nothing that could stop my obsession with beautiful garments and the way that fashion has the way to transform the wearer.

Going to see Bill Cunningham New York last night re-invigorated my lust for beauty and style.

When Bill called clothing the “armour” we use to face the world every-day he epitomised the way I feel about fashion.

Bill Cunningham is a genius.

I dream of emulating the kind of dedication and passion that he brings to his work, plus it’d be great to still be whizzing around NYC on a bicycle at 80.

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary simply by expressing your personality and signature style through the way you dress.

So many are quick to criticise the fashion industry for its profit driven nature but what Bill depicts has nothing to do with money making or even design houses, it’s about the way an interesting outfits speaks as you meander down the street.

Fashion is so much more than modesty and practicality it’s a way to articulate yourself visually, showing people at first glance a little insight into who you are.

With Halloween just past I got to thinking about dress up parties and the chance it gives you to step out of your own image and into a new one, even just for a night.

Depending on the theme dress-up parties allow the excuse to wear out in public what would otherwise be unacceptable.

Everyone loves a Pyjama party for the chance to leave the house wearing either your sexiest ensemble or your comfiest.

But then again the dress-up party also offers the chance to step into a fantasy where you are no longer yourself but instead you can be anything… a fairy princess like you dreamed as a child, a race-car drive or even a zombie killer.

The dress-up party is an opportunity to try on a completely different reality for a night.

80s themes offer a chance to step back in time and get out that neon lycra you have been secretly harbouring wishing for its return to style.

Madmen parties, which are all the rage at the moment are a chance to step into a different era when it was okay to drink copious amounts of scotch during the hours of 9-5 in fact it was respectable to do so.

Fairy-tale themes are the opportunity to step inside your favourite story and have all your wishes come true for a happily ever after ending.

Naughty and nice parties are an excuse to parade about in that shockingly sexy negligee you spent way too much money on calling yourself the devil.

Whatever the theme a dress-up party is the perfect catalyst for enacting your wildest imagination and transforming yourself temporarily into something you usually are not.

You can be whoever or whatever you want, perhaps the Fireman you dreamed of being as a child, your favourite celebrity or anything it may be that takes your fancy.

Miu Miu Resort 2012

Bows, pearls, hearts and sparkles it is everything I love about life!

This Miu Miu quirky girly jewellery is the perfect way to polish off a ladylike outfit.

The Miu Miu Resort 2012 collection is to die for with beautiful lace, green and blue checked frocks and pumps and Peter Pan collared blouses.