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Flipping through fashion mags I usually get tired of seeing the same pieces in editorial after editorial.

During the autumn/winter seasonĀ it was the Stella McCartney cut out dress with the polka dot mesh and the Prada mod shift that haunted fashion pages left right and centre.

Come spring/summer I have now completely changed my tune and delight when I open a magazine to find one of the season’s stand out styles hidden inside.

I just can’t get enough of the Prada flame heels. There are a quite a few different styles in the collection but they are all equally amazing.


Katie Fogarty Blackbook April/May 2012

Flowers with flames and little break lights shouldn’t work but miraculously it more than works, it creates some of the most unique and exciting shoes I have seen in awhile.

Any editorial that features these babies automatically has my undivided attention.

A couple of other pieces that I love to see sprinkled across every mag this season, are the Louis Vuitton broderie anglaise collared blouse and the Jewel encrusted Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit.


Dakota Fanning Elle UK February 2012


Mila Kunis Harper's Bazaar April 2012


Blossoms are blooming, shedding and littering the pavement pink and rainbows are painting the sky.

Spring has definitely begun.

As much as I love winter time for the beautiful woollen coats and cashmere cardigans, I’m more than ready to give my little silk dresses a spin in the sun.

As I watch the bare branches of trees become covered in new greenery I can’t help but dream about spring time picnics and frolicking barelegged in the Botanical gardens on a Saturday afternoon.

It is this time of year when the promise of the world’s beauties is reignited inside my heart and I can reinvent myself ready for the summer.

As of today I am parting ways with the heap of black clothing that whilst I love and got me through winter must step aside for some colour.

It’s time to be flirty, playful and fun.