I have always been a lover of shopping but I would say my self-control is pretty good when it comes to putting down the sequined frock and walking briskly out of the store.

Sometimes you see something that you just have to have though and I think this is one of those times.

The object of my desire: Louis Vuitton Fetish pumps. The shoes to end all shoes.

I have literally been struggling to breathe without these shoes since they were released months ago.

I have never before been more tempted to blow $1200 on a pair of shoes but any girl who has been in my situation knows how it feels to be tortured by the desire to call them mine.

It’s like being hungry and hallucinating hamburgers in the place of people’s head but for me I can’t have a conversation without seeing the person I am talking to turn into this devastatingly amazing pair of shoes.

I lie awake at night trying to justify to myself how many of my things they would match and how much better my life would be with them in it.

What can I say? I love fashion and sometimes it takes a pair of shoes to make life feel complete.