I’m unashamedly addicted to fashion and all things beautiful but sometimes it feels like a bit of guilty obsession.

So many would accuse me of spending too much time focusing on such a hollow and vain pursuit.

Of course there is nothing that could stop my obsession with beautiful garments and the way that fashion has the way to transform the wearer.

Going to see Bill Cunningham New York last night re-invigorated my lust for beauty and style.

When Bill called clothing the “armour” we use to face the world every-day he epitomised the way I feel about fashion.

Bill Cunningham is a genius.

I dream of emulating the kind of dedication and passion that he brings to his work, plus it’d be great to still be whizzing around NYC on a bicycle at 80.

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary simply by expressing your personality and signature style through the way you dress.

So many are quick to criticise the fashion industry for its profit driven nature but what Bill depicts has nothing to do with money making or even design houses, it’s about the way an interesting outfits speaks as you meander down the street.

Fashion is so much more than modesty and practicality it’s a way to articulate yourself visually, showing people at first glance a little insight into who you are.