With Halloween just past I got to thinking about dress up parties and the chance it gives you to step out of your own image and into a new one, even just for a night.

Depending on the theme dress-up parties allow the excuse to wear out in public what would otherwise be unacceptable.

Everyone loves a Pyjama party for the chance to leave the house wearing either your sexiest ensemble or your comfiest.

But then again the dress-up party also offers the chance to step into a fantasy where you are no longer yourself but instead you can be anything… a fairy princess like you dreamed as a child, a race-car drive or even a zombie killer.

The dress-up party is an opportunity to try on a completely different reality for a night.

80s themes offer a chance to step back in time and get out that neon lycra you have been secretly harbouring wishing for its return to style.

Madmen parties, which are all the rage at the moment are a chance to step into a different era when it was okay to drink copious amounts of scotch during the hours of 9-5 in fact it was respectable to do so.

Fairy-tale themes are the opportunity to step inside your favourite story and have all your wishes come true for a happily ever after ending.

Naughty and nice parties are an excuse to parade about in that shockingly sexy negligee you spent way too much money on calling yourself the devil.

Whatever the theme a dress-up party is the perfect catalyst for enacting your wildest imagination and transforming yourself temporarily into something you usually are not.

You can be whoever or whatever you want, perhaps the Fireman you dreamed of being as a child, your favourite celebrity or anything it may be that takes your fancy.