I think Kate Middleton is as beautiful and graceful as the next girl but what is the obsession with copying her wardrobe?

What has happened to the notion of personal style?

The fact that the Reiss ‘Shola’ dress she wore to meet Michelle Obama crashed the company’s website is actually quite ridiculous.

That dress has been done. Find something else to wear.

It was a nice dress granted, but copying exactly what she wears does not equate to fashion sense.

Fashionistas should be inspired by Kate’s elegance rather than trying to emulate her exact choice of garments.

To add to this, news today have today come out with a story on how Reiss has this particular dress, that has recieved so much attention, made in Romania.

So what?  It’s a little thing called globalisation that most people have heard of.

This has nothing to do with Kate Middleton and is not in any way shape or form newsworthy.

Workers are paid above minimum wage and there is no evidence to suggest that conditions are below par.

I feel sad that not only are women trading in individuality and opting instead for imitation, but that anything to do with Kate Middleton’s dress is considered fashion news.

There is so many gorgeous frocks and to die for shoes in the world, why are we focusing on this?