After eating my way around LA in November and adventuring across South East Asia for the past 6 weeks I am at home at last and ready to stay for a while. As much as I miss South East Asia it is nice not to be living out of a backpack and to have more than 5 outfits in rotation.

I’m pretty sure somewhere in my travels a little screw fell lose in my personal fashion sensibilities and I somehow found myself in Chiang Mai actually considering a pink, purple and yellow (heaven forbid) tie dye dress. It would have been a laugh to have returned home with all my bracelets, of which I had at least 10 on, anklets of which I had 4 on one leg,  and wearing that dress. My parents perhaps would not have even recognised me at the airport.

Remembering the lace and silk waiting for me patiently in my closet I snapped back to reality and joked off my strange compulsions. It’s hard when you are hanging around someone that suits so effortlessly the boho style to forget that though it may be for some, I am definitely not the type to pull it off. So to the days of wearing only a bikini I say goodbye,  and hello to my old ways of primped and polished pretty things.