In my high wasted floral shorts, sparkley peep toe shoes and with a kerchief scarf in my hair, looking every bit retro glam I headed off to my first burlesque class.

After talking about it for two years and telling people of my grandiose plans to be a famous burlesque artist of Dita’s stature, I finally learnt my first burlesque routine.

Granted it included a chair and not ostrich feathers the class was fun, entertaining and definitely ignited the vixen inside of me.

For who wouldn’t want to know how to make dancing with a chair seductive and sultry?

Walking into Bottoms Up I was a little bit worried I had instead stumbled into a bad horror movie with iron roller doors and fading mechanic signs falling off the side of the building.

Once inside however, my eyes were met with velvet curtains a couple of baroque chairs and some divine fairy lights with lantern covers shaped like roses.

Not only must I go back to find out where I can purchase those lights, I’m dying to go back and learn umbrella dancing, fan dance and some basic burlesque strutting to add to my repertoire as a budding burlesque dancer.

Bottoms Up run casual burlesque classes as well as courses and is located at 3 Pitt St Brunswick VIC 3056.