I know it’s probably not a good thing but I am so often drawn to a book by its cover.

Yes by reading the blurb even, you can gain so much further insight into the book but this first glance or impression is the one that counts.

This applies to fashion also.

In an image driven society there is so much judgement made simply by a persons clothing.

Thus, in creating a good first impression clothing is vital.

When someone meets me their first insight into my personality will likely be my girlish nature.

Another inference commonly made is of my innocence.

While this may or may not be a factor of my personality this is what I am communicating.

Therefore, no matter the occasion one should always consider the message they are stating before they even say hello.

For this will define your interactions with other people.

One should always dress to impress as to create the best possible chance of being that book that creates enough intrigue as to be picked up from the shelf and read.